Pharmaceutical Leaders, Andrews Thornton groundbreaking lawsuits

Pharmaceutical leader, Andrews Thorton and his team continuously litigate cases that involve handling of dangerous drugs. Andrews carries a national reputation as one of the leading advocates in California, New York, New Jersey and Minnesota. Andrew’s legal steroid blog shares many of these cases for the public awareness.

Andrew’s legal steroid blogSteroids and drugs are supposed to help improve the health of someone using it. However, there are cases when this does not occur. Side effects, overdose or other harmful incidences can occur. This is even more evident when the drug or steroid has not been approved by FDA.

Although research on all these new substances is carried out and tested on animals and humans, it will still take a long period before they are safe for the public use. Due to urgency, and at times profitability, these substances are made available to users and end up in many medical malpractices, substance abuses, etc.

Attorneys like Andrews Thornton, specializes in such litigation cases against companies that produce these harmful products. He and his team vindicate companies and ensure compensation is paid to the injured or impacted person. Current litigation cases being handled by Andrews and Thonton involve drugs and pharmaceutical companies that deal with the following products:

    • ADHD Medications
    • Bravelle
    • Invokana
    • NECC: Fungal Meningitis Outbreak
    • Reglan
    • Risperdal
    • Taxotere

Andrews, ensures that pharmaceutical companies go through the correct process and procedures before announcing a product to the market. Thorough research and complete testing need to be carried out even if it involves high cost. Today’s medical world is hungry for any drugs, steroid and substances that can help to support the many challenges faced by doctors who are trying to help patients with their diagnosis.

By sharing related information, Andrew’s legal steroid blog will help the public make a better choice when being offered with new a drug or substance during treatment or coming across them either legally or illegally on the market.